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Raising the kittens
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Week 1
First week The first day you will have to leave the kittens in abeyance. It takes a lot of energy to find the nipples. It might also happen that the kittens lost some weight the next day.
From day two of, a kitten should gain weight between 7 and 15 grams. If this fails one can buy a can of 'ready to use' KMR at the veterinarians.
Prepare a volume of 3 CC (handwarm) and feed this 4 to 5 times a day. You can use a small bottle or an INJECTIESPUIT met een VENTIELSLANGETJE.
You can also use a stomach- sonde what is quite usefull. You will have to consult your veterinarian first.
Extra food Advise: You can freeze extra food into small cubes.
Note: If the mother refuses to give the kitten it's milk you should feed it manually 6 times a day. Also rub the kittens anus softly with a piece of cotton-wool. Start from the belly of to the anus and it's pee in order to release it's excrement otherwhile the kitten gets constipated.
If a kitten is suppressed by other kittens from it's mother you can put it manually in front of a nipple.
The first week colostrum is part of mothers milk so it's very important that all kittens drink so they can build their natural resistance

The mothercat
-Feed the mothercat in the suckleperiod as much as she needs, about 6 times a day.
-Check if the mothercat maintains her natural toillet behaviour
-Clean every day the clothes and towels of the nest, mothercat can still lose moisture. If this smells you need to consult your veterinarian.
-Place the nestbox on a warm spot without wind on a calm location. You might also put a KRUIK in the box.
-Weigh the kittens every morning and evening

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