Siamese foolish pranks

The Exhibition I
The first cat exhibition was in England in 1598 but the first official show was in 1871 in the Crystal Palace London for British Short hair and Persians. About the same time there was one in the USA for the Main Coon. The first Siamese were shown around 1885.
Shows en Titles
The Netherlands knows National and International cat shows. The International is the most popular because here you can win the highest awards like International Champion, Great International Champion and finally European Champion. By the National shows you can only become the Champions Tittle. If you win this three times you become International Champion

-The Clubmatch
The ribbons you can win Here you can't bring your cat officially. You bring your own cat to the show judge. Most of the time these shows are organized by raseclubs.You can't win a tittle only ribbons and rapport's.

Preparations for the show
  • Take care that your cat has got a vaccination 14 days before the show against cat sickness (obligated) and sneeze sickness and that cat is in top condition.

  • Let your cat get used to the cage by putting him in a few minutes every day. Let it get used to strange surroundings and people so when the show judge picks him up the cat won't panic.
  • Let your cat get used to transportation. When he becomes travel sick he is not allowed to join the show. 
  • Take a look at the ears, mouth, eyes and feets/claws regularly and brush the cat often.

  • What you have to bring
  • Cat trough with gravel.
  • Water tank, food and a food trough.
  • Basket or blanket + extra under blanket for protection in the cage
  • Curtains to cover the cage
  • Brushes and combs
  • Proof of booking and vaccination book
  • walking Siamese

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