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If the pains are starting, the cat will make this recognizable by making audible sounds and press-inclinations. Take a bananabox and put soft, comfortable towels inside. Please make sure that hard to reach locations in the box are shut so one can easily handle if needed.
(Note: bananaboxes are poisonous so get these at least 6 weeks before birthgiving and clean them very well.

The pains last between 10 minutes till two hours before the first kitten comes out.
There should be a maximum time between each born kitten of about two hours.

When the first kitten has born you will have to remove the fleece, starting head first and the mouth afterwards. You can do this job too by using a PIPE.
After this you should remove the placenta one inch from the belly. You can use your nails to rip it and close the wound by rubbing it between your fingers or cut it and tie it up with threads.
Please note the bleeding stops. Add a little Betadine in order to prevent infection.

Put it on a towel and dry it carefully with two hands. Check the mouth if it does not have an open GEHEMELTE. Put the kitten back with her mother and leave her washing it's kitten etc...

When all kittens are born you should weigh them and follow their weight on a weightlist. You can seperate the kitten by marking them with nail-varnish. Right front nail, left front nail etc...

Clean the box and feed the mother of the kitten. Put the food in a corner of the box so mum can easily feed herself.

If you do like to know whether there is still something more inside mum's cat, put her on her backfeet and feel if there is some. If nothing happens after three hours anymore, go to see your veterinarian and get her a Phytonprik.
This cleans the uterus and starts the milkproduction.

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