Siamese Tricks


Tashira Tashira was trusted to me at the age of 3 months. Through a fine Siamese Cat "matchmaker" I found a very good breeder. This is very important finding a perfect cat. Tashira's breeders are "Calvencade Cats", they raise their kittens inside their home. That's important to me. Because Siamese cats tend to be self-conceited and never the less sometimes show some fear, I think it is very important they spend their first months with people around.
Babypictures of Tashira

Destiny Finish in Blue - Tashira's father This is Tashira's father. As you can see, Tashira looks very much alike. This cats name is "Destiny Finish in Blue" and like Tashira he is a beautiful Bluepoint.

Emily - mother of Tashira

This is Tashira's mother. "Atahualpa Emily". Emily is an international champion, she is a Blue tabbypoint. This means her fore head is striped in stead of one color only.

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