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Origin - Traditional Siamese Cat
Siam Cat, kittens in Thailand Many kinds of Siamese Cats developped but the roots of this cat are to be found in Thailand. This country's ancient name is Siam, so that explains the name of the Siamese Cat. As you can see on this picture, the Thai alleycat looks very much like a well bred Siamese.
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Siamese Tricks History and tabby point

Modern Siamese
Since a few years a new type is being developped. It is named: the Modern Siamese. It differs very much from an ordinary house cat. The traditional Siamese Cat does not look very different, having a round face with small ears and a full fur, the new Modern Siamese has a short fur (especially decisive for show purposes) with a spiked face and ears standing out as much as possible.
The RedWeb's webmaster published an article about this, check it out for photo's and explanation about Modern Siamese.
Siamese Tricks The Modern Siamese.

Strolling Siamese

The Current Sealpoint Siamese The Sealpoint is one of the first 4 classic varieties and this color was the first one to be acknowledged around the year 1902. The Sealpoint's fur is a dark beige and the points (tail, head and end of paws) are blackish brown. As a whole, genetically the Sealpoint is a black cat carrying pigment only in its body tips.
Siamese Tricks Sealpoints

The Bluepoint was acknowledged in 1936.

The Chocolatepoint was acknowledged in 1950.
Xavier - Saffie

The Lilacpoint was acknowledged in 1961.

Lilacpoint Tabby Siamese Calvencade Cats owner says: "When last January I was asked to write an article for "Cat World" about Tabbypoint Siamese, I had to think it over. Do I want that and if so, can I do it? What will people think when they read it? In this article I want to explain for what period Siamese Tabby's have been bred and what the tabby gen does to Siamese when inherited. First of all our cattery is not known for breeding tabby's. Although my wife and I do own a Tabbypoint cat, it's a matter of co´ncidence, we did not choose for it. But we would not want to miss our Tabbypoint for the world! So if you want to know more about the Tabbypoint, check this:
Siamese Tricks Tabbypoints

Redpoints are favourites at shows. Most of them have very outstanding ears, what breeders love them for. I noticed Redpoints have very strong characters. That is an item Siamese lovers appreciate very much.
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